Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New beginnings + Introduction

This blog will be used solely to document experiences as they relate to the field of social work, as well as personal experiences of my own. I will write about what it's like to be a 'future social worker' on my journey through undergrad/grad school, as well as my thoughts regarding what it's like to be an undergrad intern at an agency for the year. Agency name plus individual client names will be kept private, as confidentiality is something that's important not only to the profession of social work, but to myself as well.

I spoke to my adviser (field liaison) yesterday about my concerns regarding senior year as well as being an intern next week for the year. She reminded me that often this is a year for transformations and a tremendous amount of growth for students/interns. She explained that many students' "break down" during this process, but through this transformation, and through their personal struggles, emotional growth is inevitable. To make a long story short, what she said to me really stuck with me, because as hesitant and cautious and fearful as I am to begin this process, I'm also looking forward to learning about myself both as an individual, and as a future professional in the field. This year will, without a doubt, be challenging and full of new beginnings, but these experiences will ultimately lead me onto the path of bigger and better things for myself personally, academically, and professionally.

I think it's important to feel like you can relate to someone when you're going through a particularly difficult time or a time of transformation when adjustments can be both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. This is why I created this blog. It's for future and current social workers who are and will go through what I am enduring now, as well as those who have already been through it themselves. It gives us a place to come together to understand all aspects of what it is and what it takes that puts us on a path towards greatness in the field of social work.

Enjoy :)

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